Banner with title Learning Track - School Eligibility

This learning track presents the top compliance findings from audits and program reviews in recent years. For each finding you can watch a video outlining common causes and solutions. A list of resources and a set of actions to take is provided to help address each finding. The track contains sixteen findings with a short assessment presented for each finding.

This learning track reviews key institutional eligibility requirements including administrative capability and financial responsibility. The track also discusses the process of applying to participate in the Title IV programs. The track contains five lessons and an assessment.

This learning track explores the roles and responsibilities of the Financial Aid Director with a focus on helping the new director get oriented to the position as quickly as possible.  Practical job aids and advice are offered for establishing a confident presence in the new supervisory role. The track contains eight lessons, five learning activities, and an assessment.

This learning track explores the processes and what a school can expect during an audit or program review. The track contains four lessons and an assessment.

This learning track presents reporting requirements including enrollment reporting, FISAP, audits, consumer information, and campus safety. The track contains seven lessons and an assessment.